Mobile Banking App Update

The CARD CONTROL app you may have been using to track spending, set alerts and lock your card is going away. That functionality is moving to our mobile banking APP. You’ll experience new benefits in the coming days.

  • Beginning the evening of Jan 19th, for up to 24 hours, our Card Control App functionality in our mobile banking app will be unavailable.
  • Our customers can still use their cards, and access other parts of the mobile banking app during this time.
  • On or after 01/20/2022 our Mobile App may need just a few moments to update when being accessed by our customer. After the update, the Mobile App will have all of the Card Control features, within the app by clicking on My Cards.
  • After the update, our customers will need to log in to the mobile banking app and tap [My Cards]. For users with Notifications previously enabled, tapping [My Cards] will ensure this feature is activated within the new experience.

Access to the standalone app, Yakima Federal Card Control, will no longer be available following this update. Customers will access the features directly in our Mobile Banking App. 

Is There Anything I Should Do Today?

  • If you haven’t already, download our mobile banking app today. Set up an account and login to become familiar with the app. Click here for ANDROID  | Click here for iPHONES
  • Turn on automatic app updates on your phone so you get the new features as soon as they
    are rolled out.
  • Enable push notifications in our mobile banking app so you know exactly what to expect and

    Contact us for assistance.
    For any questions regarding the update, please call your local branch or email us using the form located here.

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