Yakima Federal is pleased to offer improved account alerts through online and mobile banking!


Choose the alerts that matter to you.

  • Find out when a specific check clears
  • Know when a deposit is made to your account
  • Be alerted when a withdrawal is made
  • Set up high and low balance alerts
  • And many more…

Security alerts of importance to everyone.

  • Generate an alert when your password has changed
  • Be alerted if your email address has been changed
  • Know if you have been locked out of online banking
  • Alerts for name, address, and phone number changes

Receive alerts the way you want.

  • Receive alerts through email
  • Text messages to your mobile phone
  • Push notifications through our mobile app
  • Notifications through the secure inbox in online banking
  • Choose one or all…

Check out all the available alerts by logging into online banking and clicking on any of the Alerts links.

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