A Message to the Customers of Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association


We recognize that market uncertainty can be concerning and the recent closures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank by state and federal regulators is unsettling.  During times like these we want to remind you of the strength and stability of Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association.

We want to assure you that your money is safe and sound in Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association.  We’ve been in business for over 117 years and our depositors have never lost a single penny of their money. We have endured through World Wars, the Great Depression and a number of recessionary periods in the history of our country.

Our long history of sound asset quality, prudent expense management, and strong levels of capital and liquidity, position us well for times of economic stress.

Our business model is that of a traditional thrift.  We take in deposits from customers that live and work in Washington.  We use those funds to make loans for those same customers to buy, build, refinance or use the equity that has built up in the homes they own.

We use conservative, safe lending practices that have successfully served our market and institution for years. We also take very little risk in the investments we make and primarily purchase US government guaranteed mortgage backed securities or bonds. Our mutual form of ownership means our value is not subject to fluctuations in the stock market.

You should know that Yakima Federal Savings is well capitalized and has substantial financial reserves.  As of year-end 2022 our tier one capital ratio stood at 25.04%, well in excess of the regulatory requirement of 9% for well capitalized financial institutions.

Our commitment to our customers and community is unwavering and we are grateful for the trust and confidence you place in us each day. We want to thank you for your continued business and we look forward to providing a safe place for your savings for many years into the future.

Leanne Antonio
President / CEO
Yakima Federal Savings & Loan Association

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