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About our new online banking interface

Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association is pleased to announce a revised online banking interface.  In conjunction with our third-party data processor, we launched the revised online banking interface August 8th, 2017.  Although the online banking interface may look different than the one you are accustomed to, there is no change in terms of availability of information provided by the new interface.  Here are some of the most notable changes.

Revised Login Procedure

Login areas and pages will ask for both your username (formerly known as Access ID) and password on the same page.  If the system requires you to answer a security question, that will be presented prior to completing your login.  If you are not required to answer a security question you will be presented with your account list.  Login will no longer require separate pages for entry of the Access ID and password.  This manner of logging in and answering security questions is considered the industry standard for online banking and many other secure web sites.

Responsive Design

The new online banking interface adjusts itself to the size of the window you are using with your web browser.  Users who may have experienced cut off text or improper formatting of information should no longer encounter these issues.  Responsive design also allows the online banking site to be used on web browsers on all kinds of mobile devices.  Mobile banking through our downloadable app will remain the best way for smartphones and tablets to interact with online banking, but the online banking site will be functional on smartphones and tablets.  This will be especially helpful for first time enrollments and for required password changes.

Custom Landing Page

After logging in you are presented with a list of accounts.  This list is customizable; see an account in the list you don’t work with often, you can choose to hide that account from your list of accounts on the landing page.  Note: accounts hidden from the landing page are still available to you through online banking.

Transaction History on Landing Page

Recent transaction history for accounts listed on your landing page can be accessed by clicking on the Recent link.  If you have multiple accounts listed on your landing page, you can click the Recent link for multiple accounts and see recent transaction history for one or all of your accounts listed.  More extensive history can be found by clicking on the account name or number and the system will take you to a page specifically for transaction display.

Improved Transaction History Display

No longer is transaction history broken down into odd groupings of transactions determined by your statement cut date or arbitrary date ranges.  Upon selecting an account to look at, you will be presented with a significant amount of transaction history and the number of clicks necessary to view extended history is limited.  Note: transaction history available through online banking is limited to 90 days of history for checking accounts and a rolling 12 month period for savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and loans.  For additional transaction history you may sign up for eStatements, applicable only for checking accounts and statement savings accounts.

Additional Bank Information Available from Inside Online Banking

While you are logged into online banking, links are available to areas of the public web site containing general information about Yakima Federal.  These links open a new browser tab or window leaving you logged into online banking in your original browser window or tab.


Although the eStatements pages and appearance have not changed, you can get to your eStatements by clicking on the Documents button when viewing any account transaction history page.  Note: the eStatements interface only works properly when accessed from a regular computer.  eStatement access remains limited to users logging in from a computer.  Our data processor has not announced any plans to change this limitation.

Improved Page Printing

A print icon is available on most pages containing lists of accounts or transactions.  Printed output includes header information that references Yakima Federal.  Printed pages will also more closely represent the fonts and appearance of the page as it is presented in your web browser.

Changes in Search Functionality

If you search for transactions in our old online banking system, you will recall that is can be a complex process.  The developers have simplified the search system.  The new online banking system provides a search box on each full transaction display page and you may search by date, date range, or amount.

Customer Online Education Center

In addition to the new online banking interface, we are introducing an online education center which will contain step-by-step videos demonstrating the new online banking interface and its features.  The online education center will also contain important information about other products and services offered by Yakima Federal and information about identity theft protection.

Please visit our Online Education Center for additional demonstration of our online banking site’s features and functionality.

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