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Yakima Federal Savings and Loan Association is pleased to announce our latest online banking interface. Here are the highlights.

Login Procedure: Login areas and pages will ask for both your username and password on the same page.  If the system requires you to answer a security question, that will be presented prior to completing your login. 

Responsive Design: The online banking interface adjusts itself to the size of the window you are using with your web browser or phone screen.

Custom Landing Page: After logging in you are presented with a list of accounts.  This list is customizable, allowing you to show the accounts you most often use and hide those you don’t.

Transaction History on Landing Page: Recent transaction history for accounts listed on your landing page can be accessed by clicking on the “recent” link. There are multiple options for transaction history.

eStatements: You can get to your eStatements by clicking on the Documents button when viewing any account transaction history page.  Note: the eStatements interface is not available through the mobile interface.

Improved Page Printing: A print icon is available on most pages containing lists of accounts or transactions.

Customer Online Education Center: Visit our online education center which contains step-by-step videos demonstrating the online banking interface and its features.  The online education center also contains important information about other products and services offered by Yakima Federal and information about identity theft protection.

More questions?

Please visit our Online Education Center for additional demonstration of our online banking site’s features and functionality.

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